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What Does "Ars Gratia Dei" Mean?


Ars Gratia Dei is the motto of the Catholic Art Guild, translated from latin it means "art for the sake of God". This phrase best captures the essence of Catholic art in the life of the Church.


What is the significance of the Catholic Art Guild logo?


The logo of the Catholic Art Guild is a combination of four ancient symbols that speak to its evangelical mission:


1. Circular shape - is a symbol of eternity and God's act of creation. St. Thomas Aquains stated that artists are like God as co-creators, so the circle captures that concept. Additionally, the circle is a symbol of eternity, our ultimate destination in the spiritual life, so the circle captures our mission as artists to lead souls to eternity thorough our God given artistic gifts. 


2. Quatre-foil -  has been used for centuries as a symbol of the four evangelists so speaks to the evangelical mission of the Catholic Art Guild.  The quatrefoil is also on the gates of the communion rail in St. John Cantius church, so directly tying the logo with the Guild's spiritual home.


3. Fleur De Lis -  comprises the background pattern within the quatre-foil and is symbolic of Our Lady, patroness of the Catholic Art Guild.


4. Central Image of St. John Cantius - St. John Cantius is the patron saint of the Catholic Art Guild. The image taken from the painting above the high altar, depicts a miracle performed by St. John Cantius, restoring a broken water jug belonging to a  poor peasant girl. This miracle of restoration beautifully captures the essence of the Charism of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius; the restoration of the sacred in music, liturgy and art.  The Catholic  Art Guild is operating under this Charism as the restoration of the sacred relates to art.

Do I have to be an artist to join the Catholic Art Guild?


No, the Catholic Art Guild is open to everyone interested in restoring the sacred in Catholic Art and in supporting our mission .


Do I have to be Catholic to join Catholic Art Guild?


Everyone is welcome to join the Catholic Art Guild, you do not have to be Catholic but you do have to be respectful of the Catholic faith and Her doctrines. The Catholic Art Guild is faithful to the magisterium and all church teaching, so we expect our members to uphold the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith as well.



How do I join the Catholic Art Guild?

Please visit our membership page, complete the new member form and pay the $45 fee for an annual membership. You will be added to the Catholic Art Guild Mass Association, our email list and will receive alerts before non-members for priority sign up for ticketed events at a reduced rate, our annual conference and workshops, all of which will have limited space. You will receive your Mass Enrollment Certificate in the mail a few weeks after you enroll. The Catholic Marketing Network trade show is a members only event.  Please support our mission by becoming a member and share in the spiritual benefits offered by the Canons Regular.

How does the Catholic Art Guild use membership dues?


100% of member dues go to the cost of staging events including our monthly events, annual conference,  hosting the website and other associated costs of running an organization .The CAG is an all-volunteer organization, the board of directors and staff are unpaid and do not receive stipends, all dues and donations go to support the mission of the Guild.


Are my donations to the Catholic Art Guild tax deductible?


Yes, all donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for any donations made to the guild so you can claim them on your tax forms.


Can I attend the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show if I'm not a member?


If you wish to attend any Catholic Art Guild activities at the Catholic Marketing Network, then you must become a member.



Why should I become a member?


You should join the Catholic Art Guild if you are interested in joining a community of like minded artists and art lovers particularly because you understand the evangelizing power of beautiful catholic art. For centruries, the Church supported excellence in art and architecture, which in turn nourished the culture and contributed to the common good. We hope you will support our work providing educational, networking and community event focused on rebuilding and restoring the culture and within the Church. 


Will the Catholic Art Guild tell me to change my artistic style?


No, the Catholic Art Guild would like to encourage all artists to prayerfully create the work to which they feel called regardless of style or subject matter.  We hope to encourage excellence in all artistic endeavors. However, when it comes to sacred art, the church is specific about the most fitting approach, drawing from the classical tradition “with the goal of participating in that which is eternal and true.” “An artist or architect who submits his or her will to the Holy Spirit will not be left unaided.”*

* Catholic Church Architecture and the Spirit of the Liturgy by Denis R. McNamara

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