Classical Architect Erik Bootsma Presents: "Turning the Tide of the 20th Century: Restoring Beauty in Sacred Architecture"  3/26/17
Dr. Christopher Morrissey Professor of Ancient Philosophy Presents: "Truth, Goodness, and Beauty: The Three Ideas by Which We Must Judge” 5/6/17
Jed Gibbons, Catholic Sacred Artist Presents: "The Hidden Beauty in the Eucharist, Revealing the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity though Sacred Art" 6/3/17

Beauty & Evangelization

Beauty, Sacred Architecture and Evangelization
Bishop Robert Barron: Evangelizing Through Beauty
Duncan Stroik: A New Renaissance in Art and Architecture
Roger Scruton- Why Beauty Matters, BBC Documentary
Dr. Peter Kreeft - "Why I Am a Catholic - It's Beautiful"
"How to Read a Church" by Dr. Denis McNamara: Evangelization through Art and Architecture
Duncan Stroik - Beauty & Originality
Bishop Robert Barron: 7 Great Qualities of a New Evangelist
Duncan Stroik: Franciscan Tradition in Architecture

Duncan G. Stroik's Address at Franciscan University: Francis, Rebuild My Church. What is the Franscican Approach to Architecture?

Dr. McNamara's presentation on architectural symbolism and a theological approach to church design.

Dr. Denis McNamara: Sacred Architecture
Duncan Stroik - Designing a Church for the Poor

Can a church building serve the poor spiritually through the material? Duncan Stroik addresses this topic here...

Duncan Stroik - Beauty is for the Poor, Too

We all know that the poor need food and clothing, decent education and good jobs. But what about their spiritual and cultural needs? Duncan Stroik addresses this topic here...

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