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We are a lay apostolate working to restore the culture and support artists in offering their gifts for the greater glory of God. Truth, beauty, and goodness are slowly being eliminated from our culture, and the Guild is working to provide a community and educational events to counter the problematic philosophies which have resulted in the denigration of the arts.

We recognize cultural renewal is a monumental task which requires a multi-pronged approach including prayer, educational, social, and networking events, as well as workshops in traditional art making techniques.

We also believe supernatural grace is required to aid in our work and that of our members who are working to restore beauty, truth, and goodness to our culture and the Catholic arts. As such, the Guild has partnered with St. John Cantius parish in Chicago, and our work is supported prayerfully by the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius, a religious community of men dedicated to the Restoration of the Sacred in liturgy, music and art.


Catholic Art Guild members are enrolled in the Mass Association and are remembered in weekly masses offered by the Canons regular and remembered in their prayers.  This is a unique benefit offered by our organization and we believe necessary for the success of our mission.

The Catholic Art Guild hosts the top scholars, artists, architects, philosophers and theologians of our day for educational events.  Through our speaker series and annual conference, we wish to offer inspiring and sound philosophical presentations, with the aim of better educating all those interested in the visual arts and countering the ideas which have lead to the denigration of beauty in the arts.

Traditional minded artists and those seeking to restore the culture need  community, so our events are focused on fostering community and offering networking opportunities for professionals and aspiring professionals.

Of the main goals of our mission is evangelization. This is pursued not only through the beautiful liturgies, which have been the catalyist of many incredible conversions, and which open Catholic Art Guild events.


We recognize that artists are given gifts for others and for the greater glory of God. These gifts are best used to create a beautiful "frame" for the liturgy in ecclesiastical architecture, sculpture, painting and the like. The Truths of the Catholic Faith are communicated through beautiful church architecture, sculpture, painting, and finely crafted instruments for the Holy Mass. The church building is meant to remind the faithful of heaven, therefore it should be beautiful and art is a powerful catechetical tool.


Historically, the Church hired the best artists for this most important task, seeking to give the best to God. This effort required patronage, as well as the prayers and sacrifice of the laity. The result is that the Catholic Church fostered the beauty, truth, and goodness on which Western Culture was built. 

Today there is a concerted effort in academia and in major art institutions to obliterate and denigrate our beautiful cultural heritage. The Catholic Art Guild is working to offer a community of mutural support and working to save it.


If you'd like to help with our mission or join a community focused on restoring beauty to the culture and Catholic arts, please consider joining us by becoming a patron or member.

Our Founding: Vision, Inspiration, Restoration

The Catholic Church has always seen art as an integral part of its liturgical worship and recognized the power of Beauty in evangelization. The visual arts flow from the wellspring of the Sacred Liturgy, and both the Church and her artists flourish when this is understood and embraced.

Father C. Frank Phillips, C.R., founder of the Canons Regular of St. of St. John Cantius, recognized the power of the liturgy to evangelize through the sacred arts. “We have had many organizations that enliven our vibrant parish, particularly in sacred music, liturgy, catechesis, youth and young adult ministry. It was time to establish a program for the visual arts, the training of artists and the restoration of beauty in the culture,” says Fr. Phillips.


Kathleen Carr, an award-winning, classically trained painter, illustrator, and designer approached Fr. Phillips with her inspiration: “We want to bring together artists and the Church as partners to proclaim the Gospel to all who enter our doors and hear our message. I was inspired by the Catholic vision that all art flows from the altar. It seemed natural to form an artist guild with the support of a religious community that lives and breathes the liturgy.”

The Catholic Art Guild was established in 2014 and has grown into a vibrant community hosting many inspiring events. God willing we will continue to grow and flourish but we need your help and support. Please consider becoming a member!


The beautiful altar of Our Lady at St. John Cantius.
The Drake Hotel,  venue for the annual Catholic Art Guild conference which brings together the top artists, architectures, philosophers, and theologians, for day of education presentations, networking, and fellowship.
We offer workshops in classical art making techniques
High altar at St. John Cantius, the "spirtitual home" of the Catholic Art Guild. St. John Cantius is known for their beautiful and reverent liturgies.
Our Partners
Since the mid 1800’s, the Daprato Rigali name has been synonymous with the finest art in the world. For over 155 years, the dialogue between our artists and building owners has resulted in awe-inspiring pieces of art designed to enhance the architectural, liturgical, devotional, and contemplative life of thousands of buildings and their communities. Five generations of Rigalis have and continue to lead the industry, and they will be using this depth of knowledge to support the Catholic Art Guild by hosting a workshops in stained glass fabrication.

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